Single Line Tarp Ridge Line - Dutch Edition with Dutchware

Single Line Tarp Ridge Line - Dutch Edition with Dutchware
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Renowned member, Dutch, crafts the ultralight Dutch Hook and Dutch Tarp Flyz. Having had numerous requests to splice these components onto our single line tarp ridge line, we have decided to offer it in our store. We use 1.75mm dyneema fiber Zing It/Lash It line that results in a finished length of 30 feet. The Dutch Hook is incorporated into a spliced fixed eye on one end. The Tarp Flyz is threaded onto the line and is prevented from coming off by an end splice on the other end of the ridge line. The ridge line will be equipped with (2) of our soft shack prusiks for tarp attachment making this one of the lightest tarp suspensions available.The sliding soft shackle prusiks make it extremely easy to center your tarp over your hammock.  This is for use on small to moderate tarps consistant with ultralight backpacking. If your tarp has a name that includes "Big" or "Super", we really recommend using our regualr Single Line Tarp Ridge Line instead.

Dutch has a video showing the use of the Tarp Flyz here.

Available in grey, red or silver.

Average total weight (line, soft shackle prusiks & Dutchware) - 18 grams

We generally have one of each color in stock. If your requirements are otherwise, please contact us for availablity.

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