Adjustable Structural Ridge Line

Adjustable Structural Ridge Line
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Add this to your hammock suspension to keep a consistent hang no matter the distance between your anchor points. This allows you to keep a repeatable "sag" in your hammock. Adjustable so you can get it dialed in to your ideal length. A good starting point is 100" and this has an adjustment range of 81" to 116". Constructed similar to a whoopie sling but with constrictor placement optimized to reduce weight and keep the tag end away from one's upper body. Our favorite way to install these is to capture the ASRL's loops within the hammock suspension attachment points.

The silver and yellow lines are made with 2.2mm Samson Rope Dyneema fiber line and are for use on hammocks with a loaded weight up to 300 pounds.

The red line is made from 1.75mm Samson Rope Dyneema fiber line and is only recommended for hammock hang weights under 200 pounds.

We recommend the normal suspension angles of 30 degrees or greater when using these ridge lines.

Not for use on Hennessy hammocks.

Average weight - 11 grams (silver & yellow). 7 grams (red).

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