"All In One" system

"All In One" system
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Ideal for hanging in the park, campground or even on the trees in your backyard, the All In One system incorporates all the various components of your hammock suspension into 1 complete system. Webbing, slings and an aluminum ring (see the overview video here). The sling is connected to an aluminum ring which is also connected to a continuous loop. Attach the loop to your hammock and that's it. The ring acts as a water stop so any water that runs down your suspension hits the ring and drips off. The other end of the sling is attached to a loop in the webbing, no more possibility of taking your hammock down and forgetting your straps. You will only need to add carabiners (available separately) to complete the anchor connection. For use on 2-point, single occupant hammocks only. This system will outfit 1 hammock.


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Note - We are currently building the All In One suspension system with the silver SMC Descending rings as that is what the vast majority of our customers have asked for due to their light weight. They weigh a scant 11 grams each yet have a 3-Sigma MBS rating of 3,147 lbf.


Use only only climbing rated carabiners to connect the webbing. Do not use the cheap carabiners that come with some hammocks or another other type of metallic devices. We highly recommend our C.A.M.P. Nano 22 carabiners due to their high strength, extremely low weight, and smooth, rounded surfaces. You save $3.00 over the normal retail price when ordering the carabiners with the All In One system vs. ordering them as separate items.

USAGE NOTATION: Do NOT attach anything to the webbing loop that is used to connect the whoopie sling. This loop is not designed to have the other end of the webbing connected to it. Only connect the carabiner to the area of the webbing between the two sewn loops.

Weight: The All in One system has an average weight of 5.8 ounces. This weight does not include carabiners.

Weight Rating: Maximum loaded hammock weight of 300 pounds (with 5:1 safety factor recommended by Samson Rope)

AVAILABILITY: The availability of the AIO system will be limited. We will put more in the store as time permits. When available, they will only be as a pre-built configuration. Those that are in stock are already made up and will ship same or next day. No changes or variations can be made and we are not doing custom builds at this time. This product is only available to customers of the Unted States of America.

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