Nite Ize Knot KnotBone #3 4-pack with Cord

Nite Ize Knot KnotBone #3 4-pack with Cord
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  • Item #: KB3-03-4PK

We've been using these Knotbones very successfully on our tarp ridge lines for years now. They can be configured in a variety of ways.  This package makes for a great, inexpensive way to make some tarp guy lines. Here's what Nite Ize has to say about the Knotbones...

So, we'll start at the beginning: the KnotBone is an ingeniously designed little piece of plastic that saves time and effort by eliminating the need to tie a knot for nearly every purpose. Any time you need a loop that securely anchors a line, any time you want to connect one length of cord to another to extend your line, any time you want to put the cord in a circle and secure it, the KnotBone does it with a simple wrap-and-lock principle that keeps the connection fixed. No more tying and retying, no more worry that the knot will slip or loosen - and, because it's as easy to undo as it is to secure, no more wasted time struggling to untie knots that have pulled tight. The package comes with 4 KnotBones and includes 25 feet of cord.

Keep a few on hand in your car, backpack or toolkit - you'll be surprised and how often you use them, and wonder how you ever lived without them.

Product Details

  • 4 Pack of KnotBones and 1 25' section of cord
  • Fits cord sizes 2mm - 3.5mm
  • Load Limit: 25 lbs.
  • Four ways to start using the KnotBone Knot Replacement: Anchor Loop, Rope Connector, Single Rope Loop, Fixed Loop
  • Many more uses - limited only by your imagination!
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