Single Line Tarp Ridge Line

Single Line Tarp Ridge Line
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This is our most popular and easiest to use tarp ridge line. It is one continuous piece of 2.2mm Dyneema fiber line 30' long in either gray or yellow. It features a Nite Ize Knot Bone spliced into the fixed eye on one end and an end splice on the other end. 3 prusik loops are placed along the line, 2 for tarp attachment and 1 with a Nite Ize small Figure 9 attached. The Knot Bone (wrapping diagram here) is for your first anchor point and the Figure 9 goes to your second anchor point. You can pick the standard option which is as described above, or add optional S-Biners which includes a pair of Nite Ize #1 S-Biners for attaching your tarp to the prusik loops. Or you can order the optional soft shackle prusiks. The sliding prusik loops (or optional soft shackle prusiks) make it extremely easy to center your tarp over your hammock. We recommend using the s-biners when you plan to take the tarp on and off the ridge line frequently. If you intend to leave the ridge line attached to the tarp, then the optional soft shackle prusiks reduce weight.

Adding the Soft Shackle Prusik to the options list will replace the 2 standard tarp attachment prusik loops. They are pre-installed and are the same color as the ridge line. You do not need S-Biners with this option but they can be used if desired.

Weight - 31 grams with standard prusik loops.

Usage notation: The Dyneema fiber line used in this product has virtually no stretch to it under load. Therefore we recommend when hanging the ridge line to just go taut with it rather than trying to preload it like normal nylon line.

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