Tarp Guy Lines - Sold Individually

Tarp Guy Lines - Sold Individually
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Eight feet in length, these are made with or without tensioners. If you have a SilNylon tarp, you may want the tensioners. Cuben and Spinn tarps do not need tensioners. The tensioner is made from very high grade Silicone tubing which is not effected by extreme temperatures. They will keep your Nylon tarp tensioned as it stretches overnight. The tensioned version has fixed eye at one end and a backsplice on the other. The non-tensioned guy line is built the same minus the silicone tubing. Both styles come with a prusik loop for attaching to your tarp's D-Rings. Price is for a quantity of one.

USAGE: We like to rig these with the prusik loop attached to the tarp d-ring with a girth hitch and the fixed eye loop on the ground stake. That allows for easy adjustment from underneath the tarp if desired. Only use the untensioned portion of line to pull tarp stakes out of ground or personal injury may result.

Weight: Non-tensioned lines average 5 grams each. Tensioned ones average 11 grams each. 

Availability: Everything we have in stock is available online. We update quantities as workload permits.

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