Whoopie Slings - Pair

Whoopie Slings - Pair
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These whoopie slings are made with 7/64" Samson Rope Amsteel Blue in a variety of lengths and colors. The average strength rating of 7/64" Amsteel Blue is 1600 pounds. The whoopie sling derates the rope by no more than 5% so you can be certain these will give you years of service with no knots to tie. All of our whoopie slings feature a clear plastic 'safety bead' on the adjustable loop to prevent pull-through. For use only on hammocks with 2-suspension attachment points and use by a single occupant. Price is for a pair. A quantity of (1) in the cart will get you 2 slings, enough for 1 hammock.

If you would like 2 different colors to differentiate head and foot end, leave us a note in the Special Instructions box during order check-out with the secondary color and allow 1-2 days to get them made up.

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Weight: A 6 foot pair weighs 40 grams.

Weight Limit: 320 pounds loaded hammock weight (with 5:1 safety factor recommended by Samson Rope)

Availability: We generally have all colors of 6' and 8' whoopie slings in stock for same or next day shipment.

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